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Talk: Cookstown & District in World War II

Thu 19 Oct 2023 07:30 PM

workshop 30

Adult £5.00

Celebrating Positive Ageing Month - theme Pride of Place 

Speaker: John McCann

The arrival in Cookstown in mid July 1942 of the United States 28th Quartermaster Regiment was the beginning of a two year period when tens of thousands of American G.I.'s became a familiar sight to the local people in and around the Cookstown District. Within the time, as the was progressed in Europe, many relationships developed between citizens and soldiers. Friendships prospered and the mutual respect that ensued guaranteed both nations found long-term pride of place and a deep sense of appreciation towards one another. 

By using their written words, the aim of the presentation is to examine and celebrate the pride and appreciation of those G.I.'s who found Cookstown a worthy temporary home and 'Oasis between the Battlefields' some - not so long  - 80 years ago.

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