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In the Heart of the Country

Carrickmore Handball Club


Fri 24 Jun 2022 08:00 PM

The Burnavon

Adult £20.00

Thursday 23, Friday 24 & Saturday 25 June | 8pm | £20

In the Heart of the Country is a musical drama set in the 60’s with the showbands and country and western music. A young couple who share a love for country music, meet at a dance in the Parochial hall, their friendship turns into young love despite the protestations of both their families. They decide to sing at a local carnival where the main artist of the time is coming to perform. The political landscape of the country is about to change and spreading throughout the North was the clamour for Civil Rights and Sean and Beth our two young country stars are caught up in this wave of protest.
In the Heart of the Country reflects this evocative time in our recent history, with laughs, tears and a fair degree of anger, taking the audience back to a time when life was more simple, attitudes more relaxed and people more forgiving. “The wind is blowing, freedom’s on my mind Thoughts of walking with you by my side I hope in my life time my place will always be In the heart, heart of the country.”

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