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Art Exhibitions

Access: for groups with specific mobility and/or sensory needs who wish to attend the exhibition, please contact Box Office and we would be pleased to arrange a viewing for any of the exhibitions.


Face Swap by FxD Art


Face swap

Dates: Thursday 1 – Friday 30 December


OPEN: 9am – 5pm daily and 1 hour before scheduled performances.

The latest exhibition from Cookstown artist, FxD art is a series of experimental abstract portraits referencing contemporary topics such as the use of modern technology in relation to our own personal portrayals of who we are, including direct observations by the artist.

The exhibition will give a unique insight into the creative approach taken by the artist, as work will range from early idea sketches to large scale paintings.


Bog–land, Branches and the Beach

DATES: Tuesday 3rd – Tuesday 31st January


OPEN: 9am – 5pm daily and 1 hour before scheduled performances. 

The artist Louise McLean recreates her interpretation of the rugged landscape and dramatic coastlines of Ireland through basketry. Every basket is unique, gathering its individual
momentum and flow, resulting in dramatically sweeping organic shapes.

Every creation has evolved from traditional basket weaving techniques, the use of oxides, aged and dyed materials combined with various weaves, each unique in construction and form, each telling its own story, capturing the essence of a measurement of time and reflecting the journey each component has travelled to arrive in the hands of the artist and be woven. The uncertainty of time as some materials have been connected to the earth growing for longer, while some elements within the baskets are found and gathered, these include pebbles, driftwood, kelp and rope.

The bare branches of the Willow symbolising nature and the changing seasons, bark, bogwood and beach combed baskets all evoking thoughts and memories of the diversity and rich heritage within our landscape.


Picture Box: BBC Community Archive


DATES: Wednesday 1st – Tuesday 28th February


Picture Box is one in a series of exhibitions from the BBC’s Community Archive. It includes over 300 images and reflects every aspect of broadcasting – from technicians and engineers to playwrights, actors, presenters and musicians.

The exhibition describes changes in fashion and technology and also the BBC’s role in providing a theatre, concert hall and debating chamber of the airwaves. Picture Box was
commissioned to celebrate the 70th birthday of Broadcasting House, Belfast.


Laoch Na Laochra


Dates: Thursday 2 – Friday 31st March

Admission: FREE

OPEN: 9am – 5pm daily and 1 hour before scheduled performances. 


Dara Vallely and Réamonn Ó Ciaráin tell the story of the great warrior Cúchulainn. The story of Cúchulainn dates back to the 7th Century A.D. but still dominates the mythological and imaginative landscape of Ireland. The tale has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries, first orally and then written down in Irish by dedicated Irish monks.

Laoch na Laochra is an exhibition based on the book of that name published by Gael Linn in 2015 with support from Ultach Trust. The mythological narrative tells the story of Cúchulainn; from his origins and when he first slew Culann’s beloved hound in self–defence and then agreed to be the replacement guard hound by way of recompense – to his death by Lughaí’s spear. During his short but heroic life magic, romance, betrayal and violence mark every twist and turn in the epic story of the Táin, the Cattle Raid of Cooley, as Cúchulainn defends Ulster against the entire invading army of Queen Méabh of Connaught on the Ulster borderlands.


John Hewitt’s Ulster–Scots Tradition: 

Every Townland Earned its Name in Song


Dates: Saturday 1st – Saturday 29th April

Admission: FREE

OPEN: 9am – 5pm daily and 1 hour before scheduled performances. 

A touring exhibition on the influences that have shaped Ulster–Scots poetry has been launched by Ulster University. Consisting of a state–of–the art series of panels that tell
the story of John Hewitt’s fascination for the poetry of the Rhyming Weavers, this exhibition traces the history of the Scots language in Ulster and how it became an integral
part of the poetry of local poets.

The narrative also follows the history of printing and the linen industry in the north of Ireland and how it had an impact on Ulster literature. There is a map showing where
Ulster–Scots poets lived and worked. 

The project is co–ordinated by Dr Frank Ferguson and Dr Kathryn White from the School of
English and History and is designed by Professor John McMillan, Professor Emeritus of the
School of Art and Design.

The exhibition has been made possible by a project partnership agreement with the Ulster–Scots Agency and by grant funding from the University’s Arts and Humanities Research Institute.





What's On

  1. Lisa McHugh

    Lisa McHugh Lisa makes a welcome return tothe Burnavon where she will be joined by special guest Gary Gamble.

    More info
  2. The Lonesome West

    The Lonesome West Written by Martin McDonagh. Directed by Sean Faloon. Bickering brothers, Coleman and Valene share a house in the wild west of Ireland.

    More info
  3. Philomena Begley and Ray Lynam

    Philomena Begley and Ray Lynam Known as the Queen of Irish Country music, Philomena Begley has made a firm imprint on the Irish, British and European markets. Begley has regularly toured with Ray Lynam since 1975.

    More info
  4. Choral Music for Spring

    Choral Music for Spring Dungannon Choral Society and guest artist mezzo–soprano Laura McFall present a concert for your musical delight.

    More info
  5. Cash Returns

    Cash Returns It has been hailed as the greatest and most exciting Johnny Cash and June Carter Tribute in the UK and Ireland by fans. The show features the award winning JP Mac as Johnny Cash.

    More info
  6. Conal Gallen: Only Joking

    Conal Gallen: Only Joking Ireland’s Number 1 comedian is back with a bang for 2017 with his hilarious new one man stand up show Only Joking.

    More info
  7. Ritchie Remo Country Boy Tour

    Ritchie Remo Country Boy Tour Join Ritchie Remo and his band for a night of craic coming your way this April. The incredibly talented Ritchie Remo is coming to Cookstown and is not to be missed by true Country fans!

    More info
  8. The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio

    The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio One of the best loved classics for children comes to life – literally. Crickets, cats, foxes and, of course, the world–famous puppet, will spring out of our collection of dusty, old magic books.

    More info
  9. Flash Harry: 25th Anniversary Tour

    Flash Harry: 25th Anniversary Tour This year the band will celebrate a quarter of a century paying tribute to one of the most outstanding bands in musical history, Queen.

    More info
  10. Eilish O’Carroll’s: Live, Love, Laugh

    Eilish O’Carroll’s: Live, Love, Laugh Known as Winnie McGoogan in her brother Brendan’s successful BBC sitcom, ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, Eilish comes into her own here with this reflective look on an eventful life.

    More info

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