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Lockdown 2020 Images

It's fair to say that 2020 turned out to be a year that none of us could have anticipated. We were forced to change our entire way of life, our behaviours and our relationships, even with those closest to us. 

Spring 2020 is one which will live long in the memories of those of all ages. With no planes in the sky and little to no traffic on the roads or people on the street, it was the strangest of times. 

There were disappointments, certainly. Challenges, without question. But time at home and the slower pace of life through those early weeks, especially with such great weather to enjoy, helped to create many positive memories too, a chance to be together in a way which simply is not possible when life is going full pace. 

We asked the people of Mid-Ulster to submit their images from Lockdown 2020, and they certainly did not disappoint. From conversations through glass to rainbows and nature, the images encapsulated the incredible mix of emotions experienced by so many through this testing time.

Check out the gallery of memories below and enjoy this look back through the eyes, and lenses, of the people who lived them. 


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