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Our Arts and Culture programme has something for everyone and we want you, whatever your age and whatever your interest, to get involved. Of course the Burnavon is the focus of all that is going on. Take a closer look and you will find there is always something happening: exhibitions, workshops and great events like the July Celebrations Concert. Keep an eye out for the newest Burnavon programme to see what is coming up – Summer 2017 brings a kids summer scheme for the first time alongside regular favourites such as the Ballet Workshop. Just make your choice and sign up!

But things don’t stop there – we reach out into the community as well to deliver and support a vibrant programme of activity and events within our schools and the wider district. We are always trying to bring the Arts in as many forms as possible to as many people as possible. Your feedback is important in helping us to do this, so please keep in touch by either commenting on our Facebook page or contacting us at the Burnavon.






What's On

  1. A tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis...

    A tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley Forty years after the death of Elvis Presley, the Sperrin Choir pay tribute to the King of Rock and Roll with some of his best known hits.

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  2. The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio

    The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio One of the best loved classics for children comes to life – literally. Crickets, cats, foxes and, of course, the world–famous puppet, will spring out of our collection of dusty, old magic books.

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  3. Flash Harry: 25th Anniversary Tour

    Flash Harry: 25th Anniversary Tour This year the band will celebrate a quarter of a century paying tribute to one of the most outstanding bands in musical history, Queen.

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  4. Eilish O’Carroll’s: Live, Love, Laugh

    Eilish O’Carroll’s: Live, Love, Laugh Known as Winnie McGoogan in her brother Brendan’s successful BBC sitcom, ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, Eilish comes into her own here with this reflective look on an eventful life.

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  5. Donaghadee Male Voice Choir in concert

    Donaghadee Male Voice Choir in concert From humble beginnings 84 years ago the Donaghadee Male Voice Choir has developed and flourished over the years under the baton of a number of talented conductors.

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  6. Summer Country Show

    Summer Country Show Join six of Country Music’s top stars all on one super Summer Country Show featuring Mick Flavin, Louise Morrissey, John Hogan, Joe Moore, Caitlin and Tony Kerr.

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  7. How’s Tings?

    Pat Shortt: How’s Tings? Fresh from the success of his award–winning show, Selfie, Pat Shortt returns with a brand new show called How’s Tings?

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  8. Magic of the Mummy: Tales of ancient Egypt

    Magic of the Mummy: Tales of ancient Egypt The story of how the first ‘Mummy’ was created is an enthralling and bitter family struggle; a story of life, death, love and jealousy! Find out the history of Osiris, Isis and Set in this puppet show

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  9. Lights, Camera, Action!

    Lights, Camera, Action! CCDS perform aselection of routines from the musicals and movies in this entertaining show with dancers showcasing musical numbers from the West End and Broadway!

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  10. Superstars: Happily Ever After

    Superstars: Happily Ever After Cookstown Superstars areback to dazzle you with their new musical production Happily Ever After.

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