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Welcome to the Burnavon Theatre

Welcome to the Burnavon, the premier arts and cultural venue, and the hub of arts, drama, music, theatre and dance in Mid–Ulster.

As well as staging high quality performances, the venue has a varied arts and cultural programme that you can take part in, Irish language activities if you want to learn about a new culture, and a state of the art Visitor Information Centre if you want to explore the heritage and culture of the District or further afield. 

Each of the four sections in the web site give you detailed information on the events, exhibitions, workshops, programmes and services available within the centre – so much more for you to see, do and explore. You can also join the Burnavon Theatre on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our latest news stories, competitions and updated event listings.  

The Burnavon is just the ticket for business meetings, seminars and conferences. Situated in the heart of Mid Ulster, the Burnavon is easily accessible from all parts of Northern Ireland, offering a wide range of facilities, free parking and catering packages to suit all tastes and budgets.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Burnavon!


The Burnavon gratefully acknowledges the support received from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through its Equipment and Minor Refurbishment programme. The funding aims to enable organisations to purchase equipment and carry out minor refurbishment to their premises to enhance their artistic services.

What's On

  1. Ritchie Remo

    Ritchie Remo and Friends in Concert Ritchie Remo is highly regarded on the live music scene, and with four studio albums and a string of awards, this young versatile entertainer is a must see act for all music lovers.

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  2. More Power to Your Elbow

    More Power to Your Elbow More Power To your Elbow are an eight piece international Celtic rock band from the Mid–Ulster area. This is a must for those lovers of trad music with a huge rock element – a must see.

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  3. St Patrick’s Day Celebration Concert

    St Patrick’s Day Celebration Concert Cuig, Coiriu, The Flyin’ Fiddle and local dance schools all join together in a great night out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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  4. Assist Romania Gospel Praise Evening

    An Evening of Gospel Praise This is an opportunity to support the work carried out by Assist Romania to help bring hope and joy among the poor in Romania. The money donated during the concert will help with a number of projects.

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  5. Come On On In

    Come On On In This will be an entertaining night of drama, Irish music and dance featuring local artists of all ages, so ‘come on on in’ and enjoy the craic!

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  6. Derek Ryan

    Derek Ryan Back by popular demand and riding high in the Irish Country music scene, it’s Derek Ryan.

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  7. Derek Ryan

    Derek Ryan Back by popular demand and riding high in the Irish Country music scene, it’s Derek Ryan.

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  8. Dungannon Choral Society

    Celebrating 80 years of Making Music Dungannon Choral Society, in celebration of its eightieth anniversary, is coming to Cookstown to share its harmonious voices in song.

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  9. Philomena Begley & Ray Laynam

    Philomena Begley and Ray Lynam Known as the Queen of Irish Country music, Philomena Begley has made a firm imprint on the Irish, UK and European markets. Begley has regularly toured with Ray Lynam since 1975.

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  10. Johnny Cash and June Carter Tribute Show

    J P Mac: The Johnny Cash and June Carter Tribute Show Hailed as the greatest Johnny Cash and June Carter Tribute in the UK and Ireland, the show features JP Mac, whose baritone voice, delivery and stage mannerisms are uncannily like Cash.

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