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Welcome to the Burnavon Theatre

Welcome to the Burnavon, the premier arts and cultural venue, and the hub of arts, drama, music, theatre and dance in Mid–Ulster.

As well as staging high quality performances, the venue has a varied arts and cultural programme that you can take part in, Irish language activities if you want to learn about a new culture, and a state of the art Visitor Information Centre if you want to explore the heritage and culture of the District or further afield. 

Each of the four sections in the web site give you detailed information on the events, exhibitions, workshops, programmes and services available within the centre – so much more for you to see, do and explore. You can also join the Burnavon Theatre on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our latest news stories, competitions and updated event listings.  

The Burnavon is just the ticket for business meetings, seminars and conferences. Situated in the heart of Mid Ulster, the Burnavon is easily accessible from all parts of Northern Ireland, offering a wide range of facilities, free parking and catering packages to suit all tastes and budgets.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Burnavon!


The Burnavon gratefully acknowledges the support received from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through its Equipment and Minor Refurbishment programme. The funding aims to enable organisations to purchase equipment and carry out minor refurbishment to their premises to enhance their artistic services.

What's On

  1. Looser Women

    Looser Women A panel of your favourite ‘Loose Women’ including Carol Doey and Olivia Nash will squeeze secrets out of their celebrity guests, which include Philomena Begley, Mickey Harte and Oisin McConville.

    More info
  2. Just Dance

    Just Dance An exciting performance from C.C.D.S. students who will be showcasing dance skills in Modern, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and Acrobatics and much more!

    More info
  3. Just Dance

    Just Dance An exciting performance from C.C.D.S. students who will be showcasing dance skills in Modern, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and Acrobatics and much more!

    More info
  4. Handbag Positive

    Handbag Positive Handbag Positive is a new and hilariously funny play by Donna O’ Connor, co–writer of A Night With George.

    More info
  5. Love Me, Love Me Not

    Love Me, Love Me Not Superstars are back with a raucous romantic musical comedy about kids growing up in college.

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  6. Mickey Bartlett

    Mickey Bartlett Mickey Bartlett opens Mid Ulster Comedy Festival at the Burnavon.

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  7. Jake O’Kane’s Gagging On It

    Jake O’Kane’s Gagging On It Jake O’Kane’s Gaggin’ on it – The news reviewed: the big stories, small stories and everything in between.Hot on the heels of two sell–out tours, Northern Ireland’s finest comic, Jake O’Kane, is back.

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  8. Russell Kane

    Russell Kane: Right Man, Wrong Age In this brand new show, Russell Kane unleashes another blisteringly–funny, award–winning stand–up performance about growing up, growing down, and why farts will always be funny.

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  9. Owen O’Neill’s The Rebel Crown

    The Rebel Crown The Rebel Crown is a poetic history of the extraordinary turbulent life of Red Hugh O’Neill Earl of Tyrone, written by award winning comedian, actor and writer, Owen O’Neill.

    More info
  10. The Solitary Man: Neil Diamond

    The Solitary Man: A celebration of the life and music of Neil Diamond For everyone still ‘forever in blue jeans’ this celebration of the songs and music of Neil Diamond is a must see! Join along with his greatest hits, sing the songs and sway in your seats!

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