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You can get in touch with staff at the Vistor Information Centre on 028 8676 9949 option 2 or by emailing 

To get in touch with the Tourism Officer (Mary McKeown) email 

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What's On

  1. Unplugged for Autism

    Unplugged for Autism This very special evening, in aid of Autism NI Mid–Ulster Branch, features music from Mid ulster singer/songwriters, Allie Bradley, Hannah Ferguson, and James Bradley.

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  2. Tunes4Change

    Tunes4Change This will be the tenth and final Tunes4Change, marking the end of a series of concerts which to date have raised an amazing £59,000 for children’s charity, the NSPCC.

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  3. Declan Nerney

    Declan Nerney: The Hooley Tour 2015 Declan Nerney is an Irish singer of the Country and Irish genre well–known to Burnavon Country audiences.

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  4. William Caulfield

    William Caulfield Live The ever popular comedian William Caulfield is back on tour again with yet another brand new show. This year, as the title suggests, he leaves aside the characters and goes on as just William.

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  5. The Fureys

    The Fureys Legends of Irish music & song The FUREYS, renowned for their hit songs ‘I will love you’, ‘When you were sweet 16’, will be performing in concert in The Burnavon Theatre on Saturday 17th October 2015.

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  6. Jimmy Buckley

    Jimmy Buckley in Concert Jimmy Buckley now voted Ireland’s No. 1 country singing attraction is bringing his star studded show to theatres throughout Ireland.

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  7. Evening of Light Entertainment

    Evening of Light Entertainment Join the WI Federation for a wonderful evening of entertainment, with the WI variety show which presents sketches, music and poetry for your enjoyment, and Fiddler Adam.

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  8. Micky Bartlett

    Micky Bartlett is … Narcissilly! Micky Bartlett entered 2015 as a young, hip guy in his twenties. But one encounter with a teenage boy on a skateboard has made him rethink his whole life, and he can’t stop talking about it.

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  9. The Sands Family

    The ‘Carrying On Tour’ with The Sands Family Anne, Ben, Colum and Tommy have been singing for over 40 years and fans insist they just keep getting better.

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  10. Coppélia

    Coppélia Franz and his financé Hildy are curious about the beautiful girl, Coppélia. Jealous of Franz’s infatuation with Coppélia, Hildy begins to suspect things are not all that they seem.

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