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Arts and Culture

Our Arts and Culture programme has something for everyone and we want you, whatever your age and whatever your interest, to get involved.

Of course the Burnavon is the focus of all that is going on. Take a closer look and you will find there is always something happening: coming up we have a better than ever range of exciting workshops for you to choose from – Ceramics, Floral Art , Fused Glass Jewellery – just take your pick!

But things don’t stop there – we reach out into the community as well to deliver and support a vibrant programme of activity and events within our schools and the wider district.

We are always trying to bring the Arts in as many forms as possible to as many people as possible. Your feedback is important in helping us to do this, so please keep in touch by either commenting on our Facebook page or contacting us at the Burnavon.




What's On

  1. Welcome to My World

    Welcome to My World The brilliant Scottish singer, ‘Gentleman Al’ Grant presents a unique insight into the life and music of the great Jim Reeves, with a wonderful concert of his classic songs.

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  2. Eddi Reader

    Eddi Reader With a career spanning over 3 decades, Eddi Reader has effortlessly developed into one of popular music’s most thrilling and affecting performers.

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  3. Conal Gallen

    Conal Gallen: A Laugh and A Half Yes he is back! Ireland’s Ambassador of Comedy Conal Gallen is back on stage solo with his hilarious new one man stand up show ‘A Laugh and a Half’.

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  4. Tommy Fleming

    Tommy Fleming: in concert Don’t miss this opportunity to experience what 20,000 Irish fans see annually and return to experience a new show with an outstanding and unique performance from Tommy Fleming.

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  5. Give My Head Peace Live

    Give My Head Peace Live Northern Ireland’s favourite dysfunctional family returns to the Burnavon and they’ll all be there, Ma, Da, Cal, Dympna, Billy, Uncle Andy and the lovably menacing Pastor Begbie (Paddy Jenkins).

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  6. Eamonn McCrystal

    Eamonn McCrystal in Concert Emmy® Award Winner, Eamonn McCrystal, returns to the Burnavon for a special evening of music in his home town.

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  7. Brendan Grace

    An evening with Brendan Grace It’s a funny old world when seen through the eyes of Brendan Grace.

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  8. Derek Ryan

    Derek Ryan Derek’s most recent album, “The Simple Things” topped the Irish charts, overtaking some big names for the top spot.

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  9. Derek Ryan

    Derek Ryan Derek’s most recent album, “The Simple Things” topped the Irish charts, overtaking some big names for the top spot.

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  10. Centenary of the Somme (1916–2016)

    Centenary of the Somme (1916–2016) This concert is to commemorate the centenary of this awful battle, to remember and pay tribute to the local men like John Jordan who died in the Great War.

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